Skeever Tail Shack

This skeever free shack, located just north of Riften, is a perfect survival home for the Dragonborn. Hide from your bounty in the Rift and shack up in comfort on your travels. You will find a new follower inside, and a loyal stead in the stable.


Kunthar Keep

In the north of Falkreath, just west of Lake Ilinalta, the Skofnung sword lies in a nordic crypt. Retrieve it from the ghoulish grip of Kunthar himself.


Dragon Tomb

Enter this long forgotten tomb on the coastline of eastern Winterhold. Wander into the depths to challenge a less-than-living dragon.


Vault 101

Inspired by your favorite Fallout Vault, Vault 101 is now in Skyrim. This self sufficient Vault has everything the anyone would need, thanks to the Overseer.


Dwarven Island

Dwarven Island adds a new land mass surrounded by water, hidden away just north of Skyrim.


Gunnar Tomb

Heed the call of the Jarl of Riften and investigate the recently discovered tomb of Freyr Gunnar. The entrance will be found in the southwest of the Rift.


Imperial Fort Resource

Modders resource. Two imperial fort interiors that were part of an abandoned project, now available for use in your work.